Use removal boxes, it’s the nice thing to do.

Investing in removals boxes and using them correctly will pay dividends on moving day. Not only will they help protect your possessions, but they dramatically speed up the removal time compared to an unpacked move.

Here are a few tips:

Make sure you choose double walled removal boxes.

Always, without exception, use packing tape. Life gets 10 times easier if you invest in a tape-gun too, and don’t forget to buy a black marker pen to write important details on the box.

Open boxes or boxes with folded flaps distort when you pick them up. This makes them difficult to handle and move, and may also cause damage to the contents.

Assemble your removals boxes correctly: Tape along the bottom seam joining it together, then tape again at 90 degrees across the seam, this will help prevent the seam from pulling apart.

After correctly packing your removals box, always tape closed the top seam in the same manner applied to the bottom of the box.

If your removals boxes are destined for storage, or you are wrapping and packing for export, then tape along all of the seams on your box. Not only will this add to the structural integrity, but it will help to prevent the ingress of creepy crawlies.

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