The Spring Bounce is almost here! Are you ready?

The Spring Bounce is almost here! Are you ready?

They say selling your home and moving is one of the most stressful times of your life. In most cases that is actually your choice.

Carpenters, Dressmakers and even some Surgeons have a Motto – Measure twice and cut once! Basically this means putting in a little extra thought and time into your preparation to yield a quick clean result – at the first attempt.

Do you really want to get to Christmas and still be pulling your hair out? No, I thought not. Here is how to get ‘Sold’ and be booking your Removal van before the Summer:

Let the Dog see the Rabbit.

Once the decision has been made to go on the market, stop thinking like a home owner and start thinking like a retailer. When was the last time you were on a used car sales forecourt? Have you ever seen a car that has chocolate wrappers in the door pockets, dog hair on the seats and brake dust on the wheels? No you haven’t. The car dealer has eradicated every trace of the previous owner, leaving a bright clean and shiny canvas for your gaze. Your home is the same, think of it as ‘stock’.

Successful (and nice!) London estate agent David Birkett says;

“Your home is a reflection of you and your personality. However, when you sell your property, you are inviting buyers to consider the property as their future home. If it is so full and shouts out your personality, then there is no opportunity for them to imagine their life there – your life excludes it. Clutter can give an impression the property isn’t big enough or doesn’t have adequate storage. Buyers need to see the space, light and facilities of a property, attractively presented, and be able to imagine their life occupying that space.”

House Clearance

Sort out the toot and the tat. Do it now. You’ll only have to face it later on when moving day comes. Contact someone like Tom at to come round and take away your unwanted items.

Next, thin out your personal possessions and any excess of furniture. Quality Removal Boxes and packing materials can be obtained from who will deliver them to your door.

Nicely pack your stuff and then book a self-storage room, somewhere like
Moving your stuff into storage is easy! All you have to do is contact and we will send round two lovely men with a Jumbo Luton furniture van and take care of the hard work for you.

Not only will you now be ready for a spring clean and a touch up of the paint work, but you will have also broken the back of your future task of preparing to move once Sold.

Get ready and go for it!

Happy Spring Bounce from

Watch out for our next Blog post where we will tell you how to choose the right Estate Agent….