Season’s greetings from

Season’s greetings from

Ho ho ho! Christmas is upon us again! Season’s greetings to you all.

It’s not just the weather that’s crisp and fresh, so is our website. Take a look.
A massive thank you to Rob at The Web Horizon for all his help.

At we have chopped in the Luton van for a gigantic sledge and a very handsome team of Reindeer, just in time to get you moved in before Christmas. Don’t leave it too late; call us now to book your removal.

We hope you have all been good boys and girls this year, because it’s not just the NSA and GCHQ that have been monitoring your activities – so has Santa’s little Robin! He tweets all the gossip like it’s going out of fashion.

Whilst you are dreaming of Santa coming down your chimney and filling your stockings, perhaps take a moment and spare a little thought for those who may not be as fortunate this festive season. If you know someone who is on their own, why not give them a call and invite them around.

What ever you are doing this Christmas, we hope you have a good one.

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