Is yours a house of horrors?

Is yours a house of horrors?

The nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping, Halloween is upon us once more. In our blog post we talked about preparing your property for sale in time for the spring bounce, however, at this time of year with all the Ghoulies out in force, you may well need to consider an exorcism. Did you know that Brighton has been revealed as the most haunted city in the UK? Well it certainly is according to quality source claiming at least 129 incidents of paranormal activity in and around the Brighton area over the years.  

Sightings over the centuries of the “Blue Nun” in the lanes have become a habit (groan). Seen between Black Lion street and middle street, with a blue glow, an asphyxiated face and often described as appearing distressed and in pain, she has been witnessed by locals and tourists. According to Brighton folklore, the blue Nun was buried alive behind brickwork in the Lanes as punishment for her illicit affair with a local fisherman.  

A knife throwing poltergeist, a phantom white dog the size of a horse, a chain rattling soldier and a phantom mummy complete with old bandages make up just a few of Brighton’s famous hauntings. 

The full spooky list of happenings  is quite impressive. We quite like the “Box Mover” in the Prestonville Arms public house. He is known to move heavy boxes and crates around in the cellar without ever making a sound.  

With Halloween upon us, if you are due to be moving home soon, and the prospect is giving you the Willies, there is no need to take fright. Simply contact for Removals in Brighton, and we will do all the hard work and ‘exorcise’ for you!